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Alberto / chair / 330 × 385 × 790 , sh460

I love the sculpture of Alberto Giacometti. One of his later works is called 'Seated Woman'. There is no chair in the sculpture. I tried to imagine the chair that perhaps he saw in his mind's eye. A chair suitable for the thin, delicate frame of the woman.

Giacometti was a sculptor who saw the true existence of human beings. Throughout his life and work, he continued to affirm human existence itself. He found value in the very existence of the human being in front of him, regardless of their faith or philosophy, regardless of their destiny. In his gaze, I discovered the universal role of modern chairs. Everyone has the right to sit in a chair, be they poet, politician, farmer, hippy, saint or sinner. We do not need our chairs to be thrones.

I began by making several drawings and then incorporating them into plans and structures, but taking care not to diminish the mood of the drawings. The result was a modest, but odd, chair. The chair whispered to me: No matter who you are, sometimes you just need to sit down.

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